Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A Perfect Day

A Perfect Day

Today I went on a photo walk with the ladies in photography group of the IWI (International Women of Istanbul)  Touring Arnavutkoy was so many things including historical, comical and a work-out.  When you drive along the seaside road, you really don't realize the steepness of the hill that is involved in creating this beautiful area.  From early in the 1400's, this area was established by a largely Greek population.  Wooden houses that are present today were mostly abandoned during the 1950's as result of a cultural impasse and many Greeks returned to Greece.  This left many properties unattended and unkept.  A big fire in the area did destroy many of the wooden structures -- the ones that remain are highly prized and very regulated in the restoration process.  
 A great door!
 This house has a lot of character.
 A close-up of some of the wood and a Turtle Dove.
 The old mixed with the restored -- restoration in this area is really booming.
This is a wall that is left from the Jewish settlement in the Arnavutkoy area -- not much left of the synagogue.  

We also went to the Tuesday Market there --

The peaches were so perfect they looked fake!

This is a different view of the cove that my apartment overlooks -- I loved seeing it from this vantage point!  It really was a great day!  Meeting new people and taking pictures.  I do believe that I burned 95 -- such fun!

Thanks for stopping by -- Sheryl

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