Monday, January 31, 2011

Buying a Telephone

Living in Istanbul brings a lot of excitement to my life.  About a week ago, I wanted to buy a telephone.  so, I went to my carrier, picked out the phone I wanted to buy but I couldn't explain that I already had a sim card.  Well, there was gentleman there who spoke perfect English but his second language was French.  That didn't help.  So, I asked, very half-heartedly "Does anyone in the store speak French?"  I couldn't believe it, a lady stands up from the desk (a customer) and says "I speak French and Turkish."  To make long story short, I bought my new telephone by speaking English to the gentleman, who spoke French to the lady, who in turn spoke Turkish to the sales lady.  Before we were finished with the transaction, the Turkish sales lady was talking to the French gentleman in Turkish and I was talking to her in English.  We all had a wonderful laugh.

Project 64: Out of the Box

Four weeks ago, I embarked on a journey with 5 of my friends -- taking a photograph inspired by the box of 64 Crayola Crayons.  We have one color a week.   I have enjoyed the process and I am excited about how it is effecting my eye.  I am constantly looking for the colors in my assignment.  I hope you will check out this wonderful blog and become a follower.  Here are the first four pictures (plus one) of my journey into the land of Crayola --
 Yellowgreen -- The sun coming through the leaves was perfect.
 Carnation Pink -- this was actually my contribution -- It takes a real man to have a Pink fishing boat! 
This was actually a boat on the Bosperous, Instanbul, Turkiye
 Carnation Pink (Alternate) I took this photo in my firends front yard.  It's a January Rose
which are everywhere here. 
 Chestnut -- I was right down to the wire finding this color. 
Robins Egg Blue -- I had to use a texture to bring the brightness of this blue
into check.  I shared that information on the

Join us for this adventure into the land of color -- you can link up your photos to compete for monthly prizes.    Thanks for stopping by -- Sheryl