Saturday, November 19, 2011

Photo Club -- Istanbul

I have joined the Photography Club here in Istanbul.  I have really enjoyed these ladies and all they have taught me.  

Each month we have a couple of "Challenges" -- for the first couple of weeks of November, we were to look for "framing".  

While Terry and I were walking around SultanAhmet he noticed this couple sitting in the garden next to the Blue Mosque.  Before I could get into position for the shot -- they stopped.  I was disappointed, then I caught the young man's eye and motioned for him to kiss her again.  He was more than willing to accommodate me . . . 
 Sometime later, I saw this couple walking under the tracks . . . arm in arm.
The next day. . . after breakfast in the Nisantasi, Terry and I walked down the hill.  We were heading for the palace of the Last Sultan -- Dolmabachce Palace.  I was thinking that it would be something that Terry would enjoy.  When we got there, the line was wrapped around the corner.  As we walked toward Ortakoy, I was looking for opportunities to frame a shot.  This was at the Imperial Gate.
 Thanks for stopping by . . . Sheryl

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  1. LOVE the pics...esp the couple walking arm in arm under the bridge.