Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Fresh Fish

Today was market day -- going to the fresh produce bazaar is an experience. In each area of Istanbul a Pazaar (local) Market is set up once a week. This produce is grown locally and brought into the city to sell. Today, however, I didn't eat before I left -- we were heading to an area of the bazaar where they sell food and we walked past by this fish stand. (I don't care for the smell of fish! Especially on an empty stomach!)

Even thought I am not a big fan of fish, this is a very big part of the daily life here in Istanbul and Turkey in general. This fish is fresh and I would even bet caught this morning. I love how they take great care to make sure they all look like they are smiling at you . . .

I always think of mom and how much she would have loved this type of market when she was a young housewife. Really, along with fruits and vegetables, you can get anything from underwear to winter coats here. On my trip today I bought a scarf, some embroidery scissors, mandarin oranges, nuts, onions, seedless grapes, small juice glasses and a celery root. I am going to try and make some lentil soup -- Turkish style!

Thanks for stopping by -- Sheryl

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Location:4 Lavent Bazaar

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  1. Were the mandarin oranges fresh? Be sure to share your soup making experience. The lentil soup we ate at AlaTurka Cooking School was lentil if I remember correctly and it was delish! Enjoying your experiences via photos!