Saturday, February 5, 2011

Flip Flop Socks

1. A regular pair of "Haynes her Way" socks

 Last summer, my friend Josiah Stowe had a great idea of wearing socks with his flip flops.  His socks were all scrunched up between his toes and while professing to the world that this was comfortable, it looked suspiciously "not".  I am a flip flop wearer.  It is always a sad day when the weather gets so cold that I have to put on real shoes.  Here in Istanbul, before entering your house or really any house, you remove your shoes.  At first I was determined not to really embrace this tradition.  It seemed unreasonable and a strange thing to do.  I did become a believer after thinking about Turkish toilets and seeing where someone had actually spit on the sidewalk.  These are the natural hazards of living in a large city.
At home, I actually prefer to wear flip flops instead of my  slippers.  This was a problem because my feet would stay so cold.  Trying Josiah's way didn't work out for me.  However, I was inspired to try this idea.  It worked and now I have warm feet in my favorite inside flip flops.

1.  For your first pair, I recommend that you use an old pair.  I know some people get real attached to things and I wouldn't want you to ruin your favorite pair.

2.  A straight pin on each side.

2.   Place socks on your feet and use a straight pin to determine the length of your slit.  I happen to have very short toes but everyone is different.  (Take that into consideration if you want to make a pair for a gift.)    You want this to mark where the center of your toes meets your foot.
3.   Now, you want to make a slit from the front to the back.  I used a disappearing ink pen to mark before I cut. 
4.   Turn the sock inside out.  Pin the slit as illustrated.  Round off the top corners.  If you don't it will make 90 degree corners and that looks very wrong. 

5.   Start sewing, using matching thread, (I used black so you could see what I was doing.)  Slip
stitch catching both sides of the sock.  You want to keep this as thin as possible to keep from adding bulk.  Be sure and secure the ends very well.

5.  Sewing using a slip stitch.
There you have it -- Flip Flop Socks!  We are going to some friends house for dinner tonight.  I have a black pair of socks that will go with my outfit -- I think I'll make me a pair.  Of course, I will take my inside flip flops along!
  Please let me know if you try this -- send me a link so I can see yours! 

Thank you for coming by -- Sheryl


  1. I love this tutorial! While I doubt I will be making any, you did a great job of showing how to do it and they really don't look bad! Can't wait to see more tutorials!

  2. Very clear instructions and I'm glad you included some of the tips (like rounding off the edges before sewing).

    I'm afraid I've been wearing socks with mine, and you're right, it's not very comfortable.

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