Friday, February 11, 2011

Thursday in Ortakoy

I have had to adjust to not having Shana here with me in Istanbul.  We have been here pretty much all the time together.  She has been here more without me, than I without her.  She is my running buddy -- and I miss her. 
Thursday, I got up having no real plan for the day.  I had a Turkish lesson at 2:30, so really involving anyone else would not have been fair.  So I decided to "get my big girl panties on" and go to the pazaar in Ulus, alone!  I called a taxi, he picked me up --  with my little cart, I went to the pazaar.  A pazaar is a "local" bazaar.  They have everything and anything.  I went looking for sheets -- I am fixing up my guest bedroom. 
As you can see from the picture, they know how to string rope.  Even though I was there around 11:00 there was still people setting up.   They have everything -- female products to tennis shoes, jeans to leather coats and of course fresh produce.  This is particularly nice location.  It's under the bridge and the site is on sloped concrete.  Fairly smooth, meaning that there are very few obstacles to trip over.  The booth in front is nothing but shelled nuts and not a pecan in the bunch.  They don't have them here.  The first couple of months we were here, we looked everywhere we went.  I couldn't believe that it was anything but a miscommunication.  The next picture really should have an explanation, but I just don't have one.  Amateur taxidermy is very popular here.  
Louie, posted some pictures of something similar a while back.  He was in  Southern Turkey and apparently one of the large goats there had wheels on the feet.  LOL!  This is the first I have seen in Istanbul.  These were sitting in the entrance.  I was concerned about taking a picture because someone considers this "their art".  What got me was the "wolf" thing with the chicken in it's mouth.  I don't know what you would do with these -- do people really put them in their homes?
After finishing at the pazaar, I decided to walk down to the little village near this market.  It was farther than I thought but I was not sorry.  The weather was perfect!  I
ended up walking in the little jewelry bazaar near the mosque.  I never really knew that this area was here.  I had heard of people going to Ortakoy to shop but I didn't know -- for what. 
I really needed to find my apricot contribution for Project 64: out of the Box.   As  I walked toward the sea wall, I was getting pretty disappointed that I just wasn't seeing anything.  It really isn't my favorite color.  I can't wear it so I am not "tuned in" to it so to speak.  Then I looked up and saw this fishing boat.  It was apricot!  I began shooting pics, moving around and suddenly I saw in my view finder the mosque and the Bosphorus Bridge in the background.  I was getting looks from the fishermen -- they weren't sure they liked me taking so many pictures. 

This is the Mecidiye Mosque, it was built in 1855.  It is, I believe, the prettiest mosque that I have seen in Istanbul.  The Bosphorus Bridge (or "first bridge" because it is first when entering the Bosphorus.)  It was the first bridge to connect the European side and the Asian side of Turkiye.  It is also know as the Ataturk Bridge and was dedicated On October 29, 1973, the 50th anniversary of the Turkish Republic. There is a second bridge and both are bumper to bumper -- most of everyday.    
Enough about that.  Monday is Valentine's Day, also, my 30th anniversary of being married to Terry.  I have put a special heart for you to see.  This is from the tiles that were uncovered on the porch a an affluent citizen of Ephesus.  The motifs were almost in perfect condition.  I really hope you enjoy seeing it and the day!  I love you! (Seni Seviyorum!)
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Happy Valentines Day!


  1. I love getting on here and reading about the things you are getting to see and do! You are being blessed and so are we! I really enjoy your pictures to. The one of the mosque is beautiful.

  2. My husband was stationed in Turkey during the mid-1950s, before I met him. When we first started dating, he'd rattle off a greeting to me in their language. (I think he was showing off a bit to impress me. :) It did.) I still have the language book from way back then. What an exotic place! The mosque is certainly spectacular!

  3. I always enjoy hearing about your day and seeing your photographs. I am in search of apricot....

  4. Absolutely loved reading your post. So wonderful to be transported across the world!! How lovely to be celebrating your 3oth wedding anniversary on Valentine's day, I look forward to popping by to see how you spent your day!

  5. Love all these pictures. The taxidermy thing is weird,but funny! As always, I am so glad you are sharing. Love you!