Sunday, February 6, 2011

Just Another Sunday

It was beautiful day in Instanbul.  Terry and I started out by listening to our Pastor back home -- I loved watching the video of the song service and seeing everyone.  Having to pull myself away to finish getting ready to leave for church.  Jumping into a taxi, heading to Taxsim -- the traffic was horrible.  We got to church just in time --!   Today being the first Sunday of the month, they had a lunch fellowship.  Sounds wonderful and it always is, however, to get to where we have lunch is up five flights of stairs!  I have to rest at 3 and I really do appreciate AIR!  After lunch, I went out on the balcony and took a few pics. 
This is typical housing in Istanbul.  I am facing the North, looking toward the direction of our house.  That is the Bosporus, South of the first bridge. 

The view of the mouth of the Bosporus -- This is such a fascinating place!
 After lunch after descending from the "Upper Room" we hit the street to see this guy playing the guitar.  He has a huge crowd and looked very intense.  He was playing a style of "Spanish Guitar" --

We stopped to check it out -- he had a big crowd -- Even Terry was getting out his cell phone to snap a picture.  I couldn't believe what I was seeing when I got close enough to take a few pictures --

Now that is talent!
Yes, he was on a unicycle!  He did such a fantastic job.  Really, we see street performers all the time here but this guy was the best. 
Terry and I ended up the afternoon with a movie -- "Tron" -- it was the only one offered in English so that narrows down the selection process.  I liked it, very allegorical.  Just another movie to prove that there is nothing new under the sun! 
Thanks for stopping by -- Sheryl


  1. I love your new blog and am enjoying reading about your life in Instanbul! Love your photographs too!

  2. Thanks for sharing your photos, I'm enjoying seeing your photos and reading about your stay in Istanbul!