Saturday, June 25, 2011

Ephesus -- the city that keeps on giving! (Travel)


I was here with some friends last October 2010 and I can not believe how much it has changed.  I thought it was spectacular then but the new excavations are fantastic!  I can't even explain how much reconstruction has taken place.   
This excavation is huge!  So much that is new and so much more information.  I wonder what they have found that would contribute to our knowledge of the people who lived here.  Actually, within this frame, somewhere, is a stone which commemorates the death of Cleopatra's sister.  
I am actually standing on the seats of the public latrine.  (Across from the house reconstruction site) looking towards the stadium which is just out of the frame on the right side.  This was not here before.  Where the columns are standing, is called  "Marble Street".  I wish I had made notes because I don't have the date it was constructed. Terry rented us the audio tour guide sets.  It was really interesting to hear about the site and the excavation.  
 Here are some Greek letters that I found to be pretty interesting.  I loved the large "T" right in the middle.  Most of the stones with letters, that I had seen the last time, were locked away in a portion of the ruin.  I hope for them to be on display the next time I go --
This is an actual sample of a "Mile Stone" used on the Roman highways.  These actually became status symbols among the rulers of the time.  Some of them would have the likeness of the current magistrate.  It seems that on certain roads the miles stones were more extravagant.  Sometimes, the stones would be turned upside down and re-carved to save on material.  Usually the numbers were painted red for better visibility in the grass.  

I hope you are enjoying seeing these places -- 

Thanks for stopping by -- Sheryl

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