Thursday, June 30, 2011

Paste Paper ( PaperArts )

This last weekend, Terry was gone for 3 whole days.  I have had a ankle giving me some problems -- so I stayed in, giving it time to rest.  I have had some trouble finding art supplies.  While my friend Joan was here we found a place that had some gouache in little jars.  We tried using it for paste paper and really had a good time.  However, I tried to letter with it yesterday and it was horrible!  

Paper is my next issue.  I have found Canson MiTiens (?) and some acrylic paint.  When I was home in October, Barbara Close helped me pack a lot of Arches Text Wove.  She kept saying, "Sheryl, that's a lot of paper!" Thank goodness I brought so much!  So, long story short -- while Terry was gone, I cooked the best batch of paste I have ever made!  Spent Friday evening playing.  Saturday, I drafted a couple of templates for project ideas I have had for a while -- so, hopefully I will have some of those to show you soon.
I know, I know my designs are a little redundant -- my next project is to go shopping for tools.  

Thanks for stopping by -- Sheryl


  1. That looks like it was fun! Great colors and I like the designs. --Sue K.

  2. Thanks - I miss the group activities of doing this together!