Monday, June 13, 2011

Lost City of Pergamos (Travel)

 In Revelation 2 are references to letters of the Seven Churches of Asia.  Until I began looking at Turkey, I had no idea that they were here.  We were here on May 16, 2011.  This is huge site and much uncovered and much yet to be uncovered.  
 On the agora, many of the columns have been pieced back together.  A few statues remain on the site.  Headless of course, as most of the statues from this period were destroyed or beheaded because it was unlawful with the muslims for the likeness of man to be represented.
 Yes, that is my husband standing in the upper level of the theater here.  This is by far the steepest theater we saw on our trip.  As far as I know or could tell there hasn't been much restoration to this theater.  Terry and Doc walked down to the bottom.  Later in the car they shared their regret as their lags were sore.  
 More columns of the agora.  
 The detail in the carving of these columns and decorative tops was very intricate.  Underneath this porch is the large cistern that served this city on the hill.  Terry and Doc went into this area and said that is was very significant to the site.  I found no carved Roman letters here.  
This is part of what remains of the Basilica that was built at the base of the mountain.  It sure seemed like the city went down the side of the mountain.  It sure makes me wonder what kind of situation would cause someone to walk up the hill to the agora.  I am sure many did it everyday.  There are a lot of statues and reconstruction of them at this part of the site.  There is one part of this particular area that is still i good enough shape to be used as a visitor center.  

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  1. The agora columns remind me of the ones we just saw at Aphodisias! I'll have to post photos from that trip soon. xo