Thursday, June 16, 2011

Philadelphia (Travel)

This was a very surprising site.  We drove into a town, I am sorry but I don't know the name of it, and truly it was the dirtiest village I have been to in Turkey.  This kind of thing really does make you think twice about the power of a curse.  
 I loved these cursive carved letters that was on this stone.  I have no way of knowing when it was written or when it was left at Philadelphia.  I had just never seen anything like it.
 This stone or plaque is the first Christian evidence we have seen at any of the sites.  Below is a close up of the lettering on this stone.  Doc seemed to think it was greek.  

 Another stone from this site.  There was a lot of Arabic carved stones here also, which were interesting but they would have been added much later, after the Christian era.  In an area down the street from this main section is an excavation going on.  It seemed to Terry and Doc that this was something recent.  This would be a great place to visit again in a few years -- the revelations that will come about these people will be amazing.
 I just loved the garden here!  Especially these tiny grapes -- this makes me want to grow some!

 More carvings -- 
 These were two of the columns left standing.  I seems that they connected with arches at 3 wide and two deep, but that could be a small estimation.  In the hole to the bottom right is what is in the picture that follows.
I am not sure if this part was actually under the ground or if it has been covered by the many years of earthquakes.  If that is the case, these arches would be very tall.  

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