Monday, June 20, 2011

Laodocia - The Luke Warm Church (Seven Churches Tour)

Laodocia, I do believe it was and is the best known of the Seven Churches of Revelation.  (Mentioned in Colossians 4:12)  This infamous name has been included in songs and poetry for centuries.  The luke warm church!  One interesting thing I learned on the internet (in doing my research for this trip) was that Revelation is not as mystical as it would seem.  The people who it was written too, knew exactly what it meant.  I saw a video of a young preacher (I wish I knew his name or could find it again) at the site.  It was before excavation had begun so apparently it was quite a while ago.  He told that with Hieroppolis to the North having naturally warm water, all year round, and Colosse directly to the South, with it's naturally cold water all year round; had  an impact on the message the Lord wanted to convey.   

We actually expected to find nothing at this site but a pile of rocks.  We did know and expected to see the site mapped and surveyed but what we found was such a wonderful surprise!
 The above is a shot directly down the main street.  It seemed that columns lined both sides making verandas and porches to the buildings they were attached too.  I couldn't believe the beautiful granite and marble that was used for these columns.  
 This is a temple that is being reconstructed using some new materials along with the old.  We couldn't determine who the temple as dedicated too.  It could have been to any number of gods worshiped in this community. 
 This is where Zeus's temple was located.  A friend and I were talking today about how some much of what we learned in school is actually beginning to fit together.  (She too has been traveling around Turkey.)  The similarities between the cities and the architecture is really quite amazing.  I didn't find any Roman letters here either.  That really does seem strange to me - especially since these were Roman cities!
 Laodocia was truly on the top of a hill.  Not a mountain but you could see for miles in every direction.  This is a shot of Pamukkale and the natural Travertine -- Hieroppolis is above this on the hill from which the waters flow that makes this an amazing attraction.   I will have have more on the sites in the coming days.  

I am loving going down memory lane with you,  reminiscing about our trip --
 Thanks for stopping by -- Sheryl


  1. Nice! I can't believe we didn't have time to see Laodocia too! But two ruins in one day is quite enough anyway. =)
    Pretty amazing you can see Pamukkale in the distance.

  2. I know, I couldn't believe it either. The cities seem close to us but really they are quite a distance apart. By foot or pony it would have been quite the undertaking! Thanks for posting, your encouragement means a lot!