Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Thyatira (Travel)

 This city is truly "lost" -- and underneath another city built right on the same site.  This ruin is in city center, a small block fenced in to protect what still stands.  
 The above appears to be part of the Basilica.  There are several rooms still standing.  This style of structure was used heavily during this era.  Using the flat bricks along with the stones caused the structures to be more stable during an earthquake.   That is in fact what caused the destruction of all these ancient cities.  Over the centuries, the ruins were rolled under further and further.  
 These are a few of random carved stones that are laying around the site. 
 One of the openings into the basilica.  Notice the thickness of the walls.  
My favorite parts of this stop was meeting this young lady -- Sonay.  She and a couple other girls came to the gate while we were waiting on Doc and Terry.  She wanted to speak English with someone.  You see they have the option to learn English in School and I am sure these girls have very little opportunity to practice.  She was full of questions about me personally and about my life in America.  

Also, while we were there -- the schools seemed to march in parade style.  I really didn't understand exactly what we were seeing, it could have been grades, but they were all lead by ALL GIRL DRUM LINES!  Anywhere from 15 to 30 and they were really good!  I was standing on the highest dirt hill in the site and watched with fascination.  There was many who caught my eye and gave really big smiles.  Risking a scolding to turn around to look back at me.  Bright eyed faces full of anticipation -- beautiful children!  

We got a parking ticket while we were here.  Really, when we parked it seemed way to easy.  After we left the site, Terry went and bought us some water and Doc and Diane got some really "sticky" snacks.  When we all met at the car, there she was waiting to collect for the parking infringement.  It was only 2TL which is about $1.30.  We all agreed it was very cheap parking for 2 hours.  The parking officer really didn't know what to think when Terry thanked her for the ticket.  This was a very memorable stop on our adventure!  

Thank you for stopping by -- Sheryl

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